Is Mandarin Orchard a boutique hotel? Not all people know about this term. Some people only figure out that a boutique hotel means an elegant hotel. Others are wondering whether the term refers to the size, facility, or location. The fact is that the name brings up the mixture of all those factors like several others. If you happen to hear about Morgans Hotel, it is the first boutique hotel in the world.

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So, What Do You Think About Mandarin Orchard?

This hotel has everything that refers to the criteria of a boutique hotel. It has a chic style with a contemporary style. Even if it still maintains the rich Asian culture, it still delivers the modern atmosphere that pleases the eye. The hotel meets the demands of lifestyle nowadays. It emphasizes service personalization for letting guests have a unique staycation in Singapore experience.

Mandarin Orchard performs similar services as the famous hotels that offer similar services to guests, though several differences apply. Those differentiations have made it exceptional so they can extract equivalent, if not higher, the revenue of each room.

Still, the location of a hotel contributes to the success of a hotel. Boutique hotels exist downtown or other locations that are very bustling for maximizing their return on investment. A prime location of Singapore is in Orchard Road, the bustling area where glamorous malls and restaurants along with entertainment venues reside.

The Numbers of Rooms

Other criteria of a boutique hotel are the number of rooms and the chain worldwide. The number of rooms should be at least a hundred and fifty rooms.

Many hotel chains in a glamorous city like Singapore always offer more than 150 rooms. Most popular hotels offer lots of rooms for the sake of guests’ satisfaction in choosing the right one that suits their needs and budgets, whether it is for holiday, honeymoon, and staycation Singapore trip.

Experience Quality

Experience quality is one of the main contributions to a hotel’s success. The same thing applies to Mandarin Orchard. Guests get a perfect experience in the service quality as they can feel, hear, and see the beauty of the hotel. In sum, all the five senses of guests can enjoy the overall quality of the hotel.

A hotel that charms guests from the exposure’s first point is the main development of a boutique hotel. It is not an easy thing to do because increasing a mood with the perfect ambiance requires a strong dedication to maintain and enhance the quality of service.

The exclusiveness of this branch of Meritus hotel depends on designers, hotel owners, managers, and all staff. Each element that relates to the services of the hotel supports each other in enhancing the impression of the hotel. In this city, staycation Singapore becomes the most common phenomenon during the past two years. Mandarin Orchard Singapore fulfills all the needs of staycationers to enjoy their time working and having fun.

All in all, Mandarin Orchard has succeeded in maintaining fashionable, chic facilities along with satisfying services. It seems that it can maintain its reputation as the best boutique hotel.