What is Marina Bay Sands? It is the name of the area that has a hotel with the same name. Singapore is a peninsula country that has hustle areas near the beach. That is why this hotel can be a resort, city hotel, and also a Marine hotel. This resort hotel is in the marina area or seaport.

Marina Bay Sands

Because it is in the marina area, the design of this resort utilizes the main potential of the region as a water area. Usually, the resort design responds to people’s preferences. How do they do that? They do it by equipping the resort with dock facilities. They also and prioritizing the provision of facilities and activities related to water activities.

An example of this resort is the Marina Bay Sands Hotel which is equipped with swimming and sunbathing facilities by the waters enjoying the beautiful sun abundant. You can get many experiences while having a vacation here. Below is the information that maybe you need to know before stay at the resort.

Make a Good Experience in Garden by the Bay Artificial Garden

Within the Marina Bay Sands area, there is a 100-hectare garden that will delight the eye. The park contains spectacular tall trees the size of a skyscraper. Certainly not a real tree, because the tree in this park is an artificial tree with beautiful lights. This park will take you to a pleasant fantasy atmosphere.

Quality Time at the Esplanade Theater

The Esplanade Theater is located behind the Marina Bay hotel. The shape resembles a durian skin because it has a dome that covers the two main buildings. This theater has successfully hosted various world-class art performances. Enjoying a show at the Esplanade Theater will make the moment with your partner warmer.

Go to the Future World

When visiting the Artscience Museum, it’s incomplete if you don’t try a museum tour entitled Future World: Where Art Meets Science. This tour combines art, science, and technology into an unforgettable travel story. This ride is something that must be done with children because the rides inside are very educational.

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You can get many offers that will make you happy. It is because the budget will be cheaper and you can get the same services and facilities. Try to take this as an opportunity to have a low-budget experience in Marina Bay Sands.